Social Media Management


The Brandgineers is a full-service marketing agency providing social media management to brands in many industries. Our team of graphic designers, videographers, and marketers perform the necessary analysis, research, content creation, and planning necessary for a successfully curated social media feed. 

Package 1

One Network

The “bread and butter” package for smaller businesses; we will curate and design your social media presence with unified branding. We will liven up your social media with a professional and welcoming tone so customers know exactly who you are, what you do, and how you do it. This is the perfect package for those with smaller budgets!

  • 15 Posts (average of 3 per week)

  • 6 Original Graphics/Images

  • 2 Post Boosts

  • Analytic Reporting

  • Monthly Strategy Meeting

Package 2

Two Networks

Our second package is for those who seek a longer-term investment in their social media branding. We will make 30 posts with original content on two platforms of your choice. This will futher boost your platform. This package allows us to do deep-dives into your industry by way of extra exposure, meaning your social media page will be on top of current trends and keyword searches.

  • 30 Posts (average of 4 per week)

  • 8 Original Graphics/Images

  • 3 Post Boosts

  • Analytic Reporting

  • Monthly Strategy Meetings

  • Industry and Keyword Research

  • Content Research and Development

Package 3

Three Networks

This is the package for those who want to be hands-on with us as we help curate your brand. Three social media platforms mean synergy in the kind of content we post; you’ll be visible wherever clients want to find you. Once a month, your team meets with ours in a one-on-one meeting with our experts to get hands-on with what we are doing.

  • 45 Posts (average of 5 posts per week)

  • 10 Original Graphics/Images

  • 4 Post Boosts

  • Analytic Reporting

  • Monthly Strategy Meetings

  • Industry and Keyword Research

  • Content Research and Development 

A'La Carte Items


My Business

Set Up

Website Content

& Management

Email & Newsletter



Analytic Reporting

You don’t have to worry about the who/what/when/why for content engagement, where and when those clicks happen, who is engaging with what content or what content drives the most engagement and will save you ad dollars. You’ll be given the freedom to go back to doing what you do best- running your business! Our agency will send you a detailed analytics report and we will proactively apply this data throughout your campaign.

Industry and Keyword Research

Industry and keyword research - We will do the legwork for you to determine what keywords are driving clicks and revenue. This allows us to promote the products/aspects of your brand that will resonate the strongest with your audience.


Content Research and Development

Using the above information, we can develop social and digital strategies that will drive engagement for your brand.



Custom Graphics & Images

Our in-house graphics team will create original visual media for your brand.



Social Media Boosts

Social media platforms allow content creators to "BOOST" their posts for a small fee to increase vanity metrics such as likes and comments.